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We have spent years analyzing the cutting- edge methodology of small business consultants. We are ready to provide you with red- carpet services.
Our constantly expanded service line continues to evolve to meet the growing demands for financial freedom. We have designed pathways that can offer assistance to a variety of financial puzzles paired with user-friendly programs and the highest level of customer support
We also include educational resources during this process. Our aim is to help you meet our financial goals while providing you with the tools for long-term, consistent success.It’s a great looking cheap replica watches under $50, and flawlessly keeps time. I NEVER take it off…………it showers with me, swim with me (both pool and ocean), and even washes dishes. I have never had to replace the battery. I did purchase it at around $500, however. One of the best purchases I have ever made.


Find the best program that fits your needs to improve your financial stability.

Financial Planning

  • If needed, re-submit claims until all negative items are deleted
  • Get custom hand-written disputed letters
  • Prepare and notarize identity theft affidavit
  • Analyze credit report and select negative items to be removed

Business marketing

  • Select negative items for deletion in order of priority
  • Get custom hand –written dispute letters prepared
  • Mail dispute letters to creditors, 3 Credit- Bureaus and Federal Trade Commission
  • If needed, resubmit dispute letters until all negative items are deleted.

Protection Plan

This powerful protection plan is geared to protect all aspects of your financial portfolio.  You can access our customer service team to answer any questions. Keep yourself, your family and your financial portfolio protected with this plan

This plan includes: Life insurance, Net-Worth, Saving Goals, and Youth Financial Literacy Foundation Mint (YFL)

MyCare Plan

  • Your health and finances are very important. The decisions you make for yourself and your loved ones are critical to financial freedom. In the event you are unable to conduct business or make decisions on your own, MyCare is a comprehensive planning package that is customized to your needs covering each of the essential parts that makes for a full estate.

Financial Education Coaching Services

  • The ability to accept both credit and debit cards safely and securely is crucial to any business in any industry- locally or internationally. Our expert team is invested in helping your venture grow. We also assist your business streamline payments by accepting all major credit cards from ‘Mom and Pops stores to e-commerce based businesses.

Business Document Preparation

  • A credit report that is unlike any other money manager. Through Smart Credit, you have access to your credit score, auto- score, and insurance score. You can manage all of your online accounts in one place. You are also able to track and update account balances, bills coming due and daily transactions. Smart Credit will permit you to view and report to all three credit bureaus, and get alerts on changes to your credit.

Ultra Score

  • This program will guide through the steps to maintain and maximize your credit. This program offers clients with low credit scores to effectively manage their credit and how these scores affects the decision making process used by lenders. We know how to monitor and manage the steps needed in the credit industry.


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