Services & Pricing

Package A

Company or personal plans setup and minimal hands on with a 3 hour phone consultation session

Package B

We offer a hands on package with a 5 hour phone session, design corporation set up and planning

Package C

10 hours per week phone sessions. Planning and design set up for personal portfolio building and corporation set up. Step by step instruction on personal success and training to build the portfolio for your personal desires

Package D

This powerful protection plan is geared to protect all aspects of your financial portfolio.  You can access our customer service team to answer any questions. Keep yourself, your family and your financial portfolio protected with this plan

This plan includes: Life insurance, Net-Worth, Saving Goals, and Youth Financial Literacy Foundation Mint (YFL)

Package E

The ability to accept both credit and debit cards safely and securely is crucial to any business in any industry- locally or internationally. Our expert team is invested in helping your venture grow. We also assist your business streamline payments by accepting all major credit cards from ‘Mom and Pops stores to e-commerce based businesses.

Package F

A credit report that is unlike any other money manager. Through Smart Credit, you have access to your credit score, auto- score, and insurance score. You can manage all of your online accounts in one place. You are also able to track and update account balances, bills coming due and daily transactions. Smart Credit will permit you to view and report to all three credit bureaus, and get alerts on changes to your credit.

Package G

This program will guide through the steps to maintain and maximize your credit. This program offers clients with low credit scores to effectively manage their credit and how these scores affects the decision making process used by lenders. We know how to monitor and manage the steps needed in the credit industry.

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